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*NOTE: We are willing to stand Eugene at stud to interested partied. Please contact us for details.

Our breeder bull, Eugene, has displayed no signs of aggression, unlike many other breeder bulls. However, as with virtually any other species you should never trust a male breeding animal.

Breeding Behavior

Bactrian Camels have a breeding season in the fall, similar to deer, when males come into rut. This is the most behaviorally unpredictable period for the bulls and only one thing is on their minds. During rut mature bulls' scent glands become active, particularly on the back of their heads. A large oily wet spot will become visible in this area. A mature Bactrian Camel Bull will also spread his scent by urinating on his tail and slapping it on his back during breeding season. An abundance of froth is often visible during rut and also a rumbling sound will be made quite often. Camels can also inflate their soft palates by filling it full of air and hanging it out the sides of their mouths. This is a very unpleasant site and seems to be much more common in Dromedary Camels (one-humped).