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Bactrian Camels and Fiber


Welcome to the Hune Farm!

Our farm has been home to many different types of animals from Aftican Pygmy Goats to zebras and everything in between. Today the animals that call this place home are Bactrian Camels, Minature Sicilian Donkeys, and Eastern/Golden Mantle Rosellas. We also have several cattle for freezer beef and part with this product from time to time.

The camel venture got off to a rough start with a Dromedary (one-humped) bull who is no longer with us. We have come to prefer Bactrian camels (two-humped) because of their sweeter dispositions, fiber production and value. Bactrian Camels are cold weather hardy since their native homeland is in the Himalayan Mountains of China, Tibet, and Mongolia.

We Have Camel Fiber!

Fiber is a main focus on our farm with raw fiber often for sale. It seems that offspring are simply a side benefit of raising these awesome animals. We always look forward to having a calf on the ground in the spring when the opportunity arises.

Please enjoy our website and contact us if you have any interest in our stock. 

The Hune Family,
Fowlerville, MI